We are a team of professionals in the real estate sector, passionate about our work, efficient and decisive.
We have a good knowledge of the city of Barcelona and its surroundings, since we were all born in our beloved city. Travelling and working abroad has given us extensive background of different cultures, languages and different ways of doing things, which makes it easier for us to provide both local and international clients with personalized treatment.
We love what we do and this passion is reflected in our positive results, creating bonds with our clients, based on honesty, proactivity and mutual trust.
We are a multidisciplinary team that facilitates sale, purchase, long-term and seasonal rental processes, maintaining a supportive relationship before, during and after the operations carried out, providing a human touch to such important processes in the lives of our clients.


We make things happen in a simple and practical way for our clients, finding solutions to all situations that may arise.
1. Would you like to sell your property?
• We meet with you to explain our workflow. We believe that this first contact is crucial to build our future relationship.
• We visit your property in order to offer you a realistic market valuation.
• We give you legal, fiscal and technical advice.
• We carry out a photographic report, plans and offer you a virtual tour of the properties we sell.
• We accompany you throughout the whole sale process, informing you of all the steps you may need to follow and the procedures to carry out, up to the signing of the sale and purchase at the notary’s office.
2. Would you like to buy a property?
You may already have a flat or a house reserved and need legal advice on the operation. We can provide you with our services to review the necessary drafts and documentation.
If you do not have the time, the desire or do not live in Barcelona, we can help you find the house of your dreams through personalised searches, accompanying you throughout the process until the handing over of keys in hand.
3. Would you like to rent your property?
• We value the rental price of your property and agree on it with you.
• We carry out a photographic and video report to filter the profile of the visits.
• We find the tenant that best suits your needs.
• We make a first three-way contact with the future tenant.
• We advise you legally and fiscally on the operation.
4. Would you like to rent a property?
We offer you a varied portfolio of properties that we are constantly renewing due to the trust that our clients, owners in the city of Barcelona, have placed in us for years, as well as the new ones who trust us with the management of their properties.
• We make the necessary visits to your future home or workplace with you.
• We make a first three-way contact with the owner.
• We take care of providing you with the necessary documentation for the rental to be carried out correctly.
• We provide you with legal and fiscal advice throughout the whole operation.


We work proactively, finding solutions to problems before they may arise. We know every corner of our city’s neighbourhoods and the new opportunities the city of Barcelona offers us.
We have extensive experience in the sector, which is reflected in our personalised way of working with each of our clients.
We are specialised in first investments, sales, purchases, rentals of properties and premises, both second hand and new construction. We provide local and foreign clients with contacts for legal and fiscal advice.
We provide a network of construction professionals, from architects to renovators and interior designers, to accompany our clients from the first coffee to the celebratory toast at the opening party of their new acquisition.
We work in coordination with professionals in our field with enthusiasm to be part of that important process in our lives.


You may find us wherever you need us. In our opinion, in today’s era of digitalisation, the most important thing is to be able to connect with the person you trust wherever they are.
That is why it is essential to offer quick responses and personalised solutions to our clients, allowing meeting places beyond our office. We offer you the possibility to meet us at terraces, lobbies and rooftops that we never stop discovering in our city. Alternatively, if you prefer the intimacy of an office, we also offer you this possibility in our office located in Barcelona.
If you wish to meet us physically, you will find us at the following address:
Calle Marina 64
08005 BCN
tel: +34 622 853 198


Contact us and we will be pleased to meet you and offer you our services.